the zen of cosmic origami

... Lord Martin Rees, an astrophysicist and former president of Britain's Royal Society,
was on NPR recently, discussing the hidden nature of space, the name of his segment
was Cosmic Origami.

... I use zen meditation, to try and find enlightenment, and find the concept
of origami in 11 or so dimensions, quite intuitive, the way other dimensions
may interact in a way to produce the material world

... I can see how our 4-d spacetime is actually a manifestation of what
is going on in the other hidden dimensions, but the real question is:
what controls the other dimensions?

... first, but least obvious, is Time
... we seem to have absolutely no control over the flow of the
Fountain of Time ... it just keeps propeling us forward into new
event sequences ... always forward, never back
... some people have claimed, that higher dimensional beings than us,
can somehow move backwards thru time, because their mass-free energy
status is not limited by the e = mc squared speed limit, which is
the chain that confines us to our reality

... so, we are constantly forced forward, nano-second to nano-second,
into a new manifestation of reality, forcing us into new event sequences
until the day we die

... the question is: do we have control over the event sequences?
... do we have any magical control over the other hidden dimensions?

... I would be foolish to say that I know for sure, because no one man
can truly know the Tao, but my intuition, my third eye, says yes

... the problem is that we cannot define the exact future time when our
desires will actually manifest themselves ... like a magician can ...
poof, watch this

... I find that desires will manifest themselves years ahead of when
and where we actually concoct the desires in our minds
... and often, by the time the desires manifest, you may have already
decided you no longer want that, what a bummer

... it's still magical, and the human mind posseses this amazing power

... we are so fortunate to have this opportunity

... it all gets terribly mind boggling when you try to let your
concious mind control it ... it can't ... it is done at the sub-concious level,
in the dream world, as the aboriginal's of Australia call it

... what lessons or advice can I give, considering that you must walk
the whole journey in your own shoes?

... when chosing desires, desire something that will always be good for you,
since you have no idea when or where it will manifest

... taking the sage advice of the founder of Krishna Conciousness in America,
his excellence Prabupada, and the well respected Dali Lama, go for happiness

... Krishna is not just some dancing blue god of the cows.
That was just a convenient image for the people of that time.

... Krishna is the manifestation of happiness and beauty,
and happiness and beauty are always good, no matter where or when it manifests

... seekers of pure happiness even have their planet to strive for, Krishnaloka

... but you must be able to transcend the material world at death, be viable
in your pure mass-free energy form, and seek happiness more than anything else

... other than that, my sourcerer's apprentice friends, you are on your own, to
walk that solitary journey to your greatest desire


2011 by zentara