the demise of happiness in the US

... most people in the US have actually forgot what
real happiness is

... there are replacements for happiness, like buying
new things, or the delusional state of mind that alcohol
and meat eating brings on
... or maybe just chasing after drugs and promiscuous sex

... or maybe the great feeling of superiority one gets from
watching your favorite sports team trounce an opponent

... but those are not real happiness, the happiness that comes
with your peaceful relationship with the cosmos

... because how can you be truly happy, when we are constantly
reminded that those killer tornadoes, are the result of global
atmospheric changes, due to all the car driving rat race?

... it's not our fault, right? Even though we willingly and willfully
continue this ratrace lifestyle

... all you can do is suppress the guilt, usually by drinking
or making some other group your scapegoat, so you can blame
everything on them

... it has become a permanent ratrace, of driving around in
cars all day, cities in chaos, and everyone thinking that
if they could only go faster, somehow they would be happier

... the Christians are running around saying it's all going
to be destroyed for it's wickedness, maybe they are right?
... but even they are in the ratrace, and few want it changed

... even the simple happiness of procreating and experiencing
mother and fatherhood, has been replaced by the urgency to
start your child's college fund and SAT preparations when they
are in kintergarden
... all in a big rush, to make sure your kid gets a lead position
in the ratrace

... the dream of working all your life, to retire to a quiet place in the
country, has been replaced by collapsing pension funds, and a medical
establishment that feeds on the poor diet and lifestyle of the modern sheep,
keeping you hooked on some pharmaceutical compound

... the retirement home in the country has been replaced by the nursing home

... what can you do?, except to say f*ck it all, and even that
dosn't bring happiness


2011 by zentara