rightfully removing a resident evil

... 2 chickens dead, the peace is broken

... alcoholic blackout is no excuse, the war is on

... where I live, we have a false prophet Christian
drunk chain smoker, who nobody wants around

... he sits around all day on the chief's free internet
link, telling others how everything is soon to be destroyed

... after arguing with the tribal chief, this a*shole
lets the untrained dogs into the chief's garden, and coop, where
2 chickens got killed and irrigation pipes tore up

... the next day, the a*shole makes believe that none
of this happened, because he drank so much he can't remember

... so everything's cool, right.... F*CK NO

... this a*shole has to go

... I personally had it out with him a few weeks ago,
when I told him to his face, or what he has left of it,
that he had bad karma and I said:
stay away from my garden and campsite
after I unexpectedly caught him sneaking around my camp

... what I want to know, is it considered good karma to
pray to have him completely wiped out of my existence?

... sh*t, this guy is the source of bad luck and much unhappiness
on this farm

... he often says he's going to leave, and once did, but no one
else can stand living with the f*ckhead, so he always comes back,
where the good hearted chief takes him back in.

... so the real only alternative is see him die from all the
cancers popping out in him from years of chain smoking alcoholism

... dear God, what should I do?

... it's either some sort of test for psychotic reaction ;-),
or else this incarnate evil, masquerading as a Christian prophet,
is a real threat to the safety, peace and happiness, of the farm.

... can I ask the owl to come for him?


2011 by zentara