it's a holiday, random thoughts only

... first off, since it is Memorial Day here, I will
extend my psychic apologies to the Pakistani
statesman who, on NPR, was critical of the West's
hammering of the Pakistani trust issue

... he's right, they suffered way more than us in all this

... and he was also right, in the way we think we can
buy loyalty .... when the West comes in, everything
suddenly becomes about money... lots of it

... well sir, as you sip your tea, I have to tell you,
that the world is just going in that direction
... increased globalization, less tribalism... all one big
happy human family, where the invisible mommy and daddy
dole out allowances for your pleasure
... here sir, we refer to it as Babylon

... speaking of Babylon, and peace, I think wouldn't
it be great if the Palestinian conflict, that thorn in our
heel, could be solved by setting up giant irrigated
settlements? I heard a guy mention that on NPR

... done with Israeli money and technology, they could setup beautiful
desert oasis style permaculture settlements

... the Israeli's should pay for this, as compensation
to the Palestinians for not only the original land grab,
but subsequent ones since

... of course, the Israeli's, no doubt, can raise money for this with
all their worldwide lobbyists? So that is not going to bankrupt Israel.
... they probably could even get numerous American peace volunteers
from all the Christian groups here. They all want to get the HolyLand.

... I heard more than once, that there is a gigantic pool
of fresh water right there under the Arabian desert, which was
here-to-fore too deep to access

... I think they can easily get that deep now

... with water, which would have to be carefully controlled
thru precise drip irrigation ( which means alot of people
needed to tend to the pipes and plants ), that desert could
be turned back into Babylon .... hanging gardens and all

... that would be a beautiful solution in my estimation,
because, both sides are soon to be in just a struggle for
basic life as resources dwindle

... both sides need to make peace now, and devote their
energies to the Coming water shortage... as the prophecy says
the Coming is coming. Heh, heh, sounds like porn :-)

... making peace is good advice for the whole world, a great
survival test is coming for the human race
... we are running out of fresh water

... so on Memorial Day, I feel I made my peace in this battleground
on earth, and if my thoughts can transcend the spacetime barrier,
back to anyone laying there on the battlefield, bleeding out,
waiting to die, your souls will be collected, I'm here with you.

... the difference is the Time period involved, you get to die within
a few hours, my pain is taking many angonizing years to kill me ... lucky me :-(

... peace, bro, may we never fight again on earth.


2011 by zentara