people when you want them,
technology when you don't

... that's what I want: people when I want them,
a sex robot when I don't :-)

... I mean, I bet sex robots would give one a great orgasmic
experience, and would be a desirable outlet for people
who don't want to risk diseases venerial, or just don't
want to have to deal with the required talk that comes
with a real live sex partner

... I'm still one of those love-starved dogs, whose imagination
starts flying at even the smell of a possible sex partner,
yet all my life, I've been alone( well mostly, a couple of nice ladies
took me in at times :-) ) Thanks for the memories babes!

... apparently, when it comes right down to it,
most women worth f*cking want something more than sex

... leaving me, a poor boy, with nothing to offer

... but I'm still hoping my hippy buddhist tantric yoga partner shows up :-)
... oh, that sting ;-)

... hippy, beatnik poets are interesting, but they usually don't
keep the baby in shoes, let alone vaccinations and college funds. Yikes!
I'm already out of here, just thinking about it. :-)

... but wouldn't it be a great world, where there was no need
for people to be frustrated, and always have suitable outlet for
their sexual energy

... like wife, girlfriend, last resort sex-robot

... very French, eh?

... they would probably be like Sensory Deprivation Chambers
with a bunch of Sensory activity pumped in, controlled by a program
of your choice

... I knew one day, my Perl programming would become useful,
writing code for all the various perversions out there

... hmmm, before I start production, I better be sure the local hooker
union dosn't picket my plant

... but man, the money to be made just off of sailor's alone, would make
it profitable :-0


2011 by zentara