happy Memorial Day Weekend

... as I sit here, old half-crippled, and nearly alone,
in what is essentially a nice campsite, I think about Memorial Day

... I think of the scene in Band of Brothers, where Lt Winters
muses to himself at the end of the first day of the D-Day invasion,
if You let me survive, all I want is a peaceful farm life in the country

... I compare the suffering in the WW2 winter fox holes,
like seeing limbs being blown off; to my own wimpy complaints

... cold toes in the winter, not having a real shower for 60 days,
and the excruciatingly intense boredom, as the clock slowly ticks
toward the return of warm weather, and the next sleep cycle,
where you can escape to the Dream World

... the difference is I am at peace now, and I am at that wish point
of Lt. Winters, where happiness is a quiet peaceful hovel in the country

... and so here I am, alone in a camp, at peace, yet surrounded
by an increasingly FUBAR'd world

... when will the next Band of Brother's form, to go in and just kickass?
... maybe it's Seal Team 6?

... but Lt. Winters, a toast to you wherever you are, and what you represented,
and to all you tough mothers who fought with flamethrowers,
because I wouldn't be sitting in my peaceful dream, if it wasn't for your heroics

... this weekend, think of all those people who went thru Hell, to get us closer to Heaven


2011 by zentara