a note to my fellow evil geniuses

... I heard on NPR that the Patriot Act was passed
with some "lone wolf" provision, which allows secret
watching and monitoring of certain people, who by deed,
thought, or reputation, may be plotting some evil act
of harm against the public

... well, at least they are doing it legally, with Congressional oversight,
because in the old days they just did it illegally ;-(

... don't worry, there are watchers watching the watchers too

... but it makes me think, as my bike riding outfit often
made me look like Ted Kascinski, the mad unibomber :-)

... and I did play around with fireworks as a kid :-)

... but life is too good from my perspective to rock the boat,
however, there may be others out there, who have been given the knowledge
to manipulate genes or chemical compounds in their garages
who may not have attained a peaceful state of mind

... I bet hidden camera repair man is a field with good
job openings

... the surveillance is nothing new, women have been spying
on men for years, trying to learn the secrets of the male
way, so they could wrest control of the world from us :-)

... I'm losing alot of weight, because if they are going
to be filming me to determine if I'm a threat, I want to
look goooood

... us old guys get so little sex anymore, that being
an exhibitionist lone wolfs may get to be as fun as an
airport security rectal exam :-)

... anyways, watching a true evil genius like me, won't do any
good, because I have it all shuffled away in inter-dimensonal spacetime,
and YOU would have to be crazy to even believe in karma connections, wouldn't you?
... it's all coincidence, isn't it?

... it would be like trying to convict someone for putting a voodoo
curse on you, it makes you look nuttier than them!

... so all my fellow nut-job brethren out there, smile, and
look good and sexy, maybe the sister watching the security
monitor will get her heat on for you ..... bwahahaha

... still, I wonder, what evil thoughts lurk beneath the surface
in the mind of the middle-age loser, working a dreary life
of paying off debt, at the convenience store?

... what a boring job, to watch other people all day, TGIF :-)


2011 by zentara