is college worth it anymore?

... after hearing about a PayPal executive's plan to help
people who are willing to skip college, and go
directly into their own businesses, I wonder if
the old style college is worth it anymore, for anything
more than a few prestige points?

... I dropped out after a few years, even though I was
a 4.0 engineering student ... I just felt all the bad karma
from modern civilization, and shucked everything for the
simple life.

... since then, I've seen the economy of rising expectations collapse
and have been told that my lack of a higher degree now means that
my mind was not contaminated by the old ideas of the previous
generation, and may be more employable without a degree

... I probably never would have come up with my notions
of infinite dimensional spaces, and event sequence theory,
without riding on the backs of the giants who preceeded us

... but now, most undergrad school has become pass-on-curve, party
and socialize, get married, kind of places; designed to
keep you working in the economic system, to pay off the collective debt

... but, with all the pass-on-curve going on, they are
producing too many chiefs and not enough indians

... our rising expectations falsely led us to believe
that we could all be chiefs, it was the social thing
to do

... most kids do not belong in college, most are better
off in skilled trade programs, and they can pursue deeper
knowledge as needed

... the Western school system starts the learning process
from the wrong angle, teaching the minuteness of things first,
then gradually letting you develop the big picture

... I learned by trying to grab big picture first,
then let thought drift into whatever details are needed
to bring perfection to whatever project I work on

... this may leave gaps in my knowledge base, but I have
an integrated view of the whole shebang

... there is the old tale, of the man who read so many
books that he ended up knowing nothing, because
of all the confusing ideas of all the books

... sometimes it is best to analyze a problem solely yourself

... I suppose, if I was on a remote oceanic island, and
had never heard or seen the modern world of books, I would
still see everything the same, but I would ascribe much
more to magic

... I think that's what dropping out did for me, it allowed
me to keep my own personal inner magic, rather than be molded
and stuffed into the forced magic of a sardine can subdivision

... education eats away at personal magic, but builds collective magic

... collective magic is good, so schools should be allowed to thrive,
but they should be places where knowledge is available for free, with
no gaurantee of employment .... just knowledge for sake of the pursuit of perfection

... some people just have It, the personal magic, and should be allowed to use it
without paying a $100,000 to some university, who just puts a
rubber stamp on your forehead, which says passed on a curve.

... it feels good to blow off steam, and rage against the Wall :-)


2011 by zentara