it feels alive out there

... did you ever experience that odd coincidence of events,
where something in the world around you seems to have been synchronized
with your inner thought process?

... like a duck starts quacking unexpectedly, just as you are thinking
something like what a dumbm*therf*ck so and so is , as if the duck
was agreeing with you, confirming to you, that your assertion is in tune with
the cosmic flow and truth of the universe

... or today, a miniature swirl of warm moist air, just zeroed in on
my location, as I lamented over life on earth and all the crazy souls here
... as if to say .... karma cleared, here is a kiss of air on your face

... it feels alive in my camp here, on the air boundary between the warm
moist ocean air, and the dry cool air sweeping down from Canada

... we are south of the tornado alley, where the mountains hit the oceanic
plain, but we provide the feeder winds to the storms up to the north

... as the warm gusty air blows thru, you can almost feel the intensity
awaiting it, as it gets further north

... with all that heat... the hot karma generated by the dark energy waste left
behind by our previous fast paced lives, just blowing by, looking for release
in a wild heat orgy

... if you listen closely, you can almost hear them speak

... I kid you not, sometimes I think these storms are a life form, which
we do not understand... a life based on extreme ying and yang coming together,
for one blowout orgy, until all the heat is spent

... we mere humans, are just the snacks

... if me talking to the cosmic wind, helps keeps the monsters away from my location,
I'm happy with that, even if it don't make any scientific sense :-)

... that you Krishna!

... by the way, when the duck quacks, it means duck :-)


2011 by zentara