your playguide for the end of the world

... in lieu of the recent Christian prognostications of the
end times, holding us in perpetual fear, I, will try to
make a science based guess on how the human world as we know it,
will end

... an honest Zen Buddhist's Prophecy of Doom :-)

... I'm fairly well educated, but rely more on my own
intuitive abilities, and with that in mind, I will report,
as if written for God, my best guess, my prognostication of the end

... it's not going to be one great grand slam of righteousness
on some specific day, it will be a slow spiral into miserable

... we have grossly over-populated the planet, and people
want even more babies

... we have lived a fast paced, energy intensive way of life for
too many years

... resources are depleting fast, especially fresh water

... the water and food starved populations have weapons of mass destruction

... monster storms devouring huge swaths of populated areas

... it dosn't look good does it?

... eventually refugees will be refused quarter, and will end up in huge camps
of impoverished, landless people, like the various Tent cities popping up now

... but even with all those thorns in our human crown, that ain't
what is gone to get us

... it's Ice .... it was only about 10,000 years ago the last
ice age receeded, and according to geological records, another one
is due soon

... it's like the Goddess just likes to pull a nice cool blanket
of ice over Herself, every so often, to rid Herself of the itch
on Her fine pristine surface

... so what will happen as the temperatures and climate patterns
change so that only the Tropics are not covered in 5000 feet of ice?

... all the thorns I mentioned above, will dig in and hurt real bad

... without some sort of advanced planning, or extraterrestial help,
about 99% of the human race will dissappear, and I don't mean raptured :-(

... it will be hell on earth during those last few days, as man turns againt man,
so as to save hisself

... like a shark feeding frenzy

... even I want off this planet

... so there, with no Bible knowledge prophecy, or no psychic secrets needed, you can see
the future looks bad

... but as my leadership guru says:
There is no hope but I may be wrong. :-)


2011 by zentara