what tribe do I come from?

... I don't know, all I know is I'm mostly Lithuanian,
with some German

... my mother's family was Lithuanian, and we partied like
Lithuanians, but really what is my genetic ancestory?

... I mean Russians mixed into there, way back when, many French
soldiers were over wintered there in the disasterous Russian invasion
of Napolean

... hmmm, maybe I have French blood, I feel sexy like the French ;-)
... and I am a happy loser :-)
... or even earlier, who were my ancestors when the last ice age receeded?

... I got a good connection back to my Lithuanian Great granparents,
who setup a farm right outside Wouster ... never could spell it :-)

... I mean, if we are going to worry about ancestry, declare
lands legal over it, fight and die in wars resolving issues involving it,
and choose our mates over it, shouldn't I know what my ancestry is, so
I can form a cabal with my same type?

... no, I'm an American, I don't know or care about my genetic background

... no master race or chosen people here, and I don't really want to know
about your religion, because I have a good one of my own.

... I dread being descendants of landless gypsy's and I aspire to
be one of those lucky descendants of Ghengis Khan. :-)

... yeah, me .... Ghengis .... :-)

... so what does foreign relations mean to a guy like me?

... let me think, ..oO( what would Ghengis do? )

... lucky for the world, that I have no power


2011 by zentara