more machiavellian machinations

... I was going to waste my 2 cents today on the Israel 1967
border thing, but the fact of the matter is I'm tired of it all

... let the Israeli's pay taxes to the Palestinians for all buildings
on occupied lands
.... nothing buys more peace than money
.... the money stops when violence erupts, perfect negative feedback loop

... if it wasn't for the Christian beliefs pounded into my head
when I was young, beliefs of which are constantly reinforced
by the defacto adoption of Jesus as the GodHead of the United States,
in the media and in jokes, I wouldn't really give a damn.

... people in the US just assume Jesus means God, it don't. God is way bigger.

... even now, the false Christian prophets proclaim the end is coming, and
be prepared to be judged by who? ... not Krishna, not Buddha, not the Goddess, but Jesus,
once again making us cower in fear of eternal damnation for not following
their rules. What gives them the right to constantly scare us?

... my attitude is becoming, "who is this Jesus creature, and why is he threatening me?"

... or in a more conspiratorial oriented thought train, is the Jesus thing, a great big
behavior modification program, started in Rome?

... I don't mean to step on the honest believer's toes, as I am one myself,
but the word Jesus has been co-opted by the media and is being used to try
and lead the sheep around by the nose

... just by constant and subtle media bombardment, we have all come to
expect the end and judgement in one spectacular event in the
so-called Holy-lands

... it isn't true, just like there ain't no Santa Claus

... it will only come true as a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is apparently
where we are heading

... that said, if push comes to shove, Israel is a better ally than Palestine

... and therein lies the machiavellian rub


2011 by zentara