no one talks about it anymore

... last week an anonymous caller to the Talk of the Nation radio show,
reminded me of a great truth, which many of us often forget

... the comment was in regards to world politics, and the caller
said, as if talking from personal experience, that what we really
should be representing is "freedom of religion" , the right we all
have to believe in what we deem REAL to us, not being forced to bow
to a Minaret, or Bell tower, a few times a day.
If you think you have purple unicorn fairies protecting you,
and thats your religion, thats your right.

... my mind went right back to the very founding fathers at
Plymouth Rock, that's why they came, freedom to practice their
religion as they saw fit

... although their bizarre religion would seem Taliban-like to us now,
who are WE to question THEIR world-view, and how they saw best to
fight off the devils and make alliances with the angels?

... freedom to believe in whatever you want God-wise, it's all
like the 9 blind priests all grabbing the elephant, all claiming
they got God in their hands, and they are all right, but perplexed
as to why they see different things?

... my best understanding is that earth is just a temporary stopover
for the soul, a bus stop so to speak. You get to choose to what
heavenly or hellish world you want to go to, but we are not to try and force
the entire bus station to go with us

... its called free will and is the root of our desire to fight
for freedom of religion

... pretty good for Sunday talk, eh ? :-)
... when I was young, all stores would be closed on Sundays, just
to honor God, and when they started to let the stores stay open,
I remember, I thought, it's the beginning of the end :-)

... because with things closed on Sundays, the only thing to do was
for families to get together, so the cousins could play, and parents get drunk :-)

... but NO, life goes on, and I discovered that God really dosn't
care if you don't go to church on Sunday, but I also learned
that for God, everyday was meant to be High Holyday, and God is happy
if we just think about Him/Her/It every now and then, in our busy
self-absorbed material world lives


2011 by zentara