too bad

... "too bad chemistry kits are not dangerous anymore"

... I got the biggest laugh of the day so far, when I heard
that statement on the radio

... maybe that statement of danger is true, but kids seemed
to tougher back then, or crazier

... I remember when I was young, all my friends had chemistry sets

... my now deceased older cousin, was a genious at chemistry, he used to
know how to make all kinds of cool things, usually stuff that
explodes or made some other wild state change

... My aunt one day, took the chemistry set away
when he nearly killed himself by accidently igniting a cloud of
fine sulfur powder, which he blissfully ignored, as he mixed
up a new batch of fireworks in the garage

... afterwards, he said it was so cool, being in a cloud of green flame,
he actually inhaled some ... thats what almost killed him

... I guess with rising medical costs, it's better to keep the
chemistry sets in the schools and colleges. :-)

... the best trick was to put firecrackers, like Cherry Bombs, on
the top of solid fuel model rocket engines, so that as the rocket
burned out, it's second stage igniter, would light the fuse on the firecracker

... it would blow up way up there :-)

... it was great :-)

... but dear reader, don't try this at home, as the guidance system is still
under development, and it is likely to loop back like a boomerrang .... BOOM

... I also had a firecracker blow up in my hand once, it was a small
one, called a ladyfinger, but it sure left my hand numb for a day

... don't try that one either :-(

... man, kids can't do nothing cool anymore :-)


2011 by zentara