Soylent Green emerges

... I am fascinated by the idea of prognostication of the future,
and this is one of those signposts on the highway of Time,
that I both regret and enjoy seeing

... it is the ability of scientists to grow meat in test tubes

... I regret it, because it truly means that the natural world,
which I was born to adore, is nearly at an end

... to be replaced by a world fed by stainless steel tanks

... but what are you going to do? The world is overcrowded,
and there is little room and water left for animals in most
... they even blame global warming on meat animal's flatulence

... so the question then becomes, what is the purity of the
growing medium fed to these artificial cells?

... it makes me shudder, thinking about the waste trucks dropping
their loads at the artificial meat factory

... now I'm not adverse to the technology, I use Primary Grown
Nutritional Yeast as my meat substitute. It takes very little
per day, and to my surprise, yeast cells are classified as animal

... so I've been eating an artificial meat for some time, telling myself
I'm a vegetarian :-)

... it actually smells like turkey broth when you cook it up in sauces,
on popcorn, it is reminiscent of parmesan cheese

... the one drawback, is that yeast contains a super heavy amount
of some B vitamin, riboflavin IIRC, and that can make your urine
turn dark yellow, if you eat too much

... I wonder what will happen to people who eat too much artificial meat?
... turn into conciousness-depleted zombies? :-)

... I say it to all my friends and relatives, I'm glad my time on earth
is nearly over, the future is being made for a different breed of human


2011 by zentara