random thoughts

... I was just listening to the radio, NPR of course, :-)

... and was thinking, out of all the stories I heard, which
captured my interest, which one fascinated me enough, to make me
meditate more on it, throughout the day

... it actually snuck in the backdoor, by virtue of the story
about it being the last space shuttle launch for this particular
bird, it heading for retirement, if it makes it back that is ( you know,
checking for broken tiles and cracks, and it being old and all )

... anyways, most people ignore what the shuttle is actually doing
on it's mission, and instead think in terms of national pride and
what the costs and risks are

... most of the time, the shuttle is carrying space station parts
so who cares, but on this particular radio report, it stated it was
launching some advanced sattelite which supossedly is supposed to watch
for strange things, like cosmic rays, and even Dark Energy at the edges
of our planetary body .... way out there, on the edge of where
earth is no more

... isn't it interesting that the most advanced scientist's in the world,
would consider it worthwhile to spend the money, and take the risk to
get that sat up?

... I will wonder all day .... what is out there, in the invisible fields
of space? ... and why do the scientists feel it necessary to use the
mission to put a camera on the local cosmic space, rather than just haul up
more stockpiles to the space station?

... me, being one of those freaks that see Time, as primary, rather than Space,
might conjecture that the past or future might be glimpsed, at the edges of our Present

... as usual, it would make a great movie, something to amuse me all day :-)


2011 by zentara