advice from the Y-chromosome

... all my life, I asked "why?"

... and now I know why, it's because I'm half Y

... I don't think I have any offspring out there,
but you never know what women might hide from you :-)

... anyways, just in case I do have offspring, like from
from some secret UFO semen collection, I will try to pass on
the advice my father passed onto me, telling me it is the
most important thing to remember about earth

... he said: follow your dreams

... but he meant dream, not in the sleeping context, but
in the imaginary context

... that little dream you have in your thought space, which
is what humans can only understand as their connection to perfection

... I found asking "why" alot, is a great way to confuse the situation :-)

... but that confusion is the Tao's way of protecting perfection

... Y's allow for the jumps of faith needed for great achievement
whearas the Double-X's tend to want stability so their children
can have a sense of home

... all I can testify to is that he was right, any happiness which
I have, comes from the pursuit of that dream of Perfection in all things

... so I pass this advice along to my mythical children


2011 by zentara