a peek into the future

... in the midst of a burgeoning overeducated over citified world population

... all with futile rising expectations that their education somehow gaurantees
them a sweet life, with karma-free high paying jobs, which somehow are their
birthright gauranteed by the government created jobs

... running out of fresh water, fresh air, peace and quiet

... acidic oceans, droughts, floods, cheap adulterated foods in the supermarket,
masquerading as nourishment, complete breakdown of the traditional family

... we used to laugh at how stupid the Romans must have been to allow
lead in the drinking water pipes, yet our civilization is screwing with the
very sexual identity of it's citizens with all the estrogen simulators
dumped into the environment

... where can this possibly lead?

... not to claim prognosticative powers, but if I were to project the future,
it's green, Soylent Green

... I wonder how much time we have left, with earth as a pleasant place to be

... predictably, what will happen is the earth will break down into the old walled city-states

... crazy-ass radicals outside the walls, screaming to kill everyone inside

... I see gated, guarded communities coming, alot of them

... circle the wagons, the barbarians are at the Gates of Civilization,


2011 by zentara