getting the old shimmy back

... I have been fighting a battle with weight all my

... I used to think I was a genetic defect, slow hormones
or something ... makes it easy to slab on fat

... but no, the genes are perfectly fine, it means they
can live on so little, that almost everything is excess
and goes to the body fat

... this is a good survival trait, not a defect

... economic times and karma have forced me into the exact
lifestyle and diet, which I need to recover from the years
of supermarket excess

... my mother did warn me once when she caught me sneaking
scoops of ice cream from the freezer ... she said: you'll
have trouble with your stomach later in life if you keep eating like that

... eh, what do mother's know when you are 7 years old and have a
half gallon of ice cream in front of you? right? :-)

... now I'm getting to be back what I weighed in 7th grade, getting a second chance

... learning to live on grain and mung bean sprouts is actually
quite healthy, and economic

... anyways, the weight has gotten down to where I can do the old
shimmy shake with the body, without all the flab flying off into
it's own inertial reference frame, leaving me with a wobble in my
shimmy shake .... a shimmy shook instead of a shake, if you know what I mean

... and think, all I needed to get this great gift back, was to
go on a peasant's starvation diet, let nature take it's course,
and fall into rural poverty, where there is nothing to do BUT
grow your garden, face the facts of life, and start enjoying
life .... oooh sex in the garden in the moonlight ;-)

... it's funny but that is how the Tao works

... the macrobiotic lifestyle, of a stay at home life, living off
your garden, is actually what most of us want, and it is what
nature provides if you fall into rural poverty and learn to dig
the peace and happiness in nature

... I'm not totally there yet, but the sun is shining just over the horizon


2011 by zentara