separation of church and state

... I was mulling over why, in this modern well-educated world,
the Dalai Lama could never be considered the leader of a sovereign state,
based solely on priciples of reincarnation

... it comes down to whether we can prove the existence of God

... it is because we can't prove it, that God's Realms are protected
from our interference

... because, if we could somehow learn the trick of the
ovarian lottery, and actually know what your previous life was,
and what your next life will be, we certainly would be stepping into
the territory where angels rule

... we would be able to devise devices to tamper in the angel's realms

... say for instance, it could be shown with great reliability, that
before you die, you were given a combination number, and that when babies
were born, they tapped out the combination or some other way of signalling
their previously assigned control number

... of course, that is just a mind game, because we know we can never prove
it, or even waste time attempting the experiment

... but it just goes to show, that there is a tremendous separation in our
belief systems from our real life daily needs like getting food, water,
and power

... I mean many of us believe in an afterlife and reincarnation, yet we cannot
be brought to confront it as a reality, when making descisions about the real
world problems we face, like what sort of lifestyles should we live as a nation?

... say for instance, what if when the World Trade Center was hit, we decided
to do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek? ... maybe say Ok, we did
bad things in the past like kill alot of your innocent people, so now we are even-steven,
tit for tat, karma equalized, but hit us again and you will be decimated with nukes

... the world of the angels would have been shocked!
... it would be the difference between a homicidal suicide bomber and someone
who only blows himself up as protest

... that would be a GIANT play on the karmic playing field

... but that is all just stuff in my imagination, so I can get away with thinking it

... it's the complete distinction of the real world from the imaginary world,
which makes our imagination possible, otherwise our imaginations would destruct
our real world in a very short time

... the real world would be too confining, trapped by gravity and all that karma,
almost everyone would just fly away into their imaginations

... so separation of church and state, is not only good for the practical matters
of state, but it also protects the freedom to believe in whatever beliefs you see as true
in your own imaginary eye


2011 by zentara