thoughts on the Dalai Lama

... I originally got interested in Tibet, with the
pseudo-scientific books by T. Lobsang Rampa
... then, I thought secrets of UFO's and Shangi-La resided in the
remote mountain caves

... but once I had the good fortune of being initiated as a White Tara,
at a remote Tibetan Buddhist retreat in Hawaii, my interest quickly
turned to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the advanced concepts
of Buddhism, culminating in preparing for my transition into
the pure energy realms, always on the path to Krishnaloka

... I asked the high monk at the ceremony, what does this White Tara mean?

... he responded, you are entitled to live as long as you need to
attain enlightenment

... so I ponder, have I attained enlightment yet?

... is it time for me to die, and finally be born into Krishnaloka?

... and where, or what, is Krishnaloka you might ask? Krishna is the manifestation
of God's happiness, and Krishnaloka is the source of all happiness

... and just as would be predicted, the Dalai Lama says seek happiness

... so when I heard the Dalai Lama stepped down as spirit-leader of the Tibetan people,
I was happy

... happy because he took the best route ... lets be honest, in this day and age,
neither China nor even the US, would condone political leadership based on

... so even though the whole reincarnation may be true, he is doing the wise
thing to let a real political team take over leadership

... now the Dalai Lama belongs to the world, not just Tibet

... and the message is still be happy :-)


2011 by zentara