National Revenge Day

... well they finally got Bin Laden

... having us fooled into envisioning him hiding in some dank cave,
he stuck out like a sore thumb in a giant complex, that drew attention because
it had no internet or phones

... I bet it was a local internet telecom salesman who tipped off the
authorities by muttering this giant place refused his free internet or phones ;-)

... anyways, there is almost a euphoria over it, but
what does that say about us?

... we love extracting justice, the old testament way

... it's almost like the inverse of a crucifiction,
where the evil anti-christ is publically destroyed

... it almost reminds me of what happened to Mussolini
after World War 2 ... IIRC they dragged his body thru the streets

... but what of the karma of the situation that brought all of this

... I mean how did this whole World Trade Center - 911 thing come
into creation?

... what was the West doing way back when, when the original hatreds
against the West started?

... I seem to remember it all started over Palestine, or was it oil?
or even poppy crops?

... are we any closer to peaceful co-existence with the Islamic world?

... what keeps us apart?

... this will be one of those days, way in the future, when people say
do you remember what you were doing when you heard Bin Laden was killed?

... maybe we could make it a semi-religous holiday where the great gods
from the invisible worlds return, to extract justice on all bad guys

... but what it does do, is self-confirm the US and West as the new Roman Empire

... the Empire always strikes back

... greeting cards could be issued on the yearly anniversary, showing some
demon getting squashed by a squad of angels

... oops, even I, a seeker of enlightenment, love seeing a bad guy get it,
its better than eating ice cream ... ooooohh it is so satisfying

... my desire to see some good old fashioned revenge has been satisfied


2011 by zentara