the importance of enjoying life

... I was listening to an Alan Watts lecture, and he made
a great point on why we all need to really enjoy life

... the idea is that this world is so full of destructive
possibilities, that unless we, the humans, really enjoy being
alive, we will all try to kill each other off in a mutual
massacre of scapegoats ... each blaming the other for their perceived pains

... so it is of utmost importance that people enjoy their
existences, no matter how meager they are, so that they want
to live another day

... if the entire world is bogged down into a drudge life of slavery to
survival, then it is far more likely that we will commit mass suicide
as a species, just to escape the slavery

... it will happen somehow ... when the species cries out for death, IT comes

... so it's a Friday, TGIF, think about what really makes you happy,
and makes you want to live another day to get some more

... then go get some !!

... you are doing what the Great Spirit wants, that is, to make you happy


2011 by zentara