we are lucky to be alive

... a roll of toilet paper reminded me of the great
commander Scott, and his heroic victory over survival
in the frigid antarctic waters

... that was way back in the day when men were men and
were tough nosed against death ... no rescue helicopters
to call .... it was man against the forces of the universe

... but if you switch the zoom level up a bit, we are all
on a very precarious spaceship, with the weather outside
the hull at near absolute zero in the shade

... flares of radiation and mega-blasts of cosmic rays
bombard the hull constantly

... so far things are OK, but we really only have a few
hundred years of recorded data, and some archeological evidence
of giant phenomena in the past

... one of the more interesting ones, and the one which I
personally think is quite likely, is we will enter a period
of harsh interdimensional activity, which somehow lowers
the ability of humans to think with great cosmic clarity

... during those dark periods, civilization will
not flourish, people will have a hard time concentrating
on anything more than their survival and pursuits of pleasure

... but on the flip side, dark periods mean there
is a complimentary bright period, where civilization
blooms with new ideas

... it seems to me, we are at the tail end of the bright period
of the technological revolution, and now a dark period
may be set upon us, where we re-learn the forgotten lessons
of the economics of nature's web

... anyways, we are sitting ducks


2011 by zentara