living with being uninsured

... welcome to the real world, the world as nature intended it

... for almost the entirety of human existence, we, the humans,
have lived facing the exciting fact, that the universe is alive,
and can bite back, or even tear you to smithereens ... if IT wants to

... somehow, in this lawyer bloated, paperwork civilization, they
came to make us believe that staying healthy and safe is a matter
of paying others protection money, to ensure that if anything
does happen to you in the stressout modern ratrace, someone
will take care of you

... in the old days of the Oregon Trail, people who got sick, were
left by the roadside, and the healthy went on

... it's a tough world, so its best to let the weak die

... so what does this realization mean, which millions of unemployed
and uninsured americans face?

... as far as I am concerned, that is just the way it always was, before
the advent of the modern health care complex which promises health to everyone

... back then, if you got sick, you either fight back and cure yourself,
have a family who loves you enough to care for you,
or prepare to die! ... that's life, bury me behind the garden

The government is partially responsible for the health hazards brought
on by the irresponsible practice of companies dumping their waste onto the public,
by externalizing costs onto the general public .... transportation exhaust is
a good example of that, it causes alot of sickness, but everyone looks the other way
and propagandists make us believe that inner city children are genetic defects because they
have high levels of asthma, they never point at the Ford dealer

... but back to the world of living uninsured

... back to the world of living each day, and moment, knowing that ANY
wrong move could result in a broken bone or a severe gash or cut, which you may
have to patch yourself with paper towels and duct tape

... this is the normal condition of nature, if you climb a tree, fall out and screw
yourself up, it's really not the government's responsibility to patch you up

... it's the government's responsibility to dispose of you, if you die, and no one claims
your body for burial

... so you realize real quick, that risky behavior, like road racing, bar hopping, eating
bad food, etc. all leads to possible injury, and should be avoided

... it's sort of nature's way of evolving the human herd

... anyways, why worry, it's not hard to die... the hard part is living


2011 by zentara