Easter and rebirth

... almost a year after my exodus from my birthhome, Detroit,
nearly dead from babyloniaitis, and internally facing the
prospects of my own death, I now have a greater appreciation
for what the material body is

... on the celebration of Jesus's rising from the grave, I
take time to ponder, what is regeneration?

... now Jesus's act of rising from the dead, in a form
we earthlings could see, seems to be a material reawakening

... the real miracle is the transformation to pure spirit energy

... but, since we are in the material world, what counts to us is the
proper regeneration of the human body, so we can live long youthful

... I've been instructed by the highest spirit which I can communicate
with, that you don't have to get old, but you do have to die

... in other words, we are mere mortals, but how well we age, is up
to us

... and if we try to escape physical mortality, other traps are
waiting to ensure you don't exist too long, but that is a whole another story

... during my regeneration, I see the possibility that many cancers
are just regeneration errors, or more likely they are attempted adaptations
to weird environmental conditions like pollution

... you get what you ask for when you regenerate, so knowing what
to eat and think is of paramount importance

... the only general rule given is eat a low calorie diet
preferably less than 1500 calories per day, for the average person who sits around
70 percent of the day

... the food you should eat, is what is local for your area, be as macrobiotic
as possible for your situation

... and your situation is probably quite abnormal, unless you are living in the
country, quietly growing your garden.... the modern rat race is a psychological nightmare

... of course, on Easter, with all those chocolate eggs laying around,
what you going to do?

... brush your teeth after eating those candies, kiddies
... the material world comes with a price tag for bad behavior

... so Happy Easter, whatever that means anymore

... it seems now, that Easter is just a celebration of Spring,
and I'm cool with that

... I feel great today, I hope you feel it too.


2011 by zentara