try not to antagonize the Tao

... the fountain of Time, the Tao, the Becoming,
the Higgs Boson Controller

... It flows to the left, and flows to the right,
it gives to all, allowing all to either attain
enlightenment or dig themselves deeper into karmic

... one should always go with the Flow, unless it is
obvious that you are in a cattle shute, heading for
the meat locker

... never brag, never gossip

... the guru never complains, and never explains

... don't think you control IT, because IT controls you

... you must ride on IT, IT takes you forward whether you
want to or not

... the parallel universes spin constantly, cycling thru reality,
like a giant roullette wheel, until the little ball selects
which reality actually occurs, relagating all other potentials
to the dark energy realm

... that ought to give you something to ponder :-)


2011 by zentara