bang bang with kd lang

... I heard a NPR interview and a few new songs from
the androgenous love object kd lang

... what is it about the male/female duality in
the species, that fascinates us with experiencing
what the opposite sex experiences?

... I guess an androgenous being is so close to being
in unison, ying yang wise, that one becomes whole again,
and that may be something to seek on the path to enlightment

... androgenous, on the teter toter, being able to swing ying or yang,
depending on the situation

... I remember a jerry spinger show on transvestites, the audience
couldn't tell who was real and who wasn't

... so what is the essence of sexuality?

... it's pretty obvious to me

... yang wants to pentrate, whereas yin seeks penetration

... and each of us is part yin, part yang

... being at that androgenous balance point sure allows her
soul to ring thru with great clarity and truth

... I would like to surf the Time wave with kd lang ;-)


2011 by zentara