the last free man

... as I sit here, eating my homemade mung bean sprout soup
and salted peanuts, I am thinking of a story I heard on the
NPR show This American Life

... it was about the last wild man back in the Brazillian

... living in handmade huts, with a loin cloth and bow and arrow

... he would move everytime a researcher would try to contact him,
so it took a few years to corner him

... just think, someone out there still, who dosn't comprehend that it's a Friday,
someone to whom the world out there truly does appear like OZ,
with flying wizards with all sorts of telepathic powers

... so now, its welcome to the technology dependent world

... it also makes me grateful for the mung beans and peanuts, because
that sure beats scavenging the jungle for food

... but then again, you become a kept man, dependent on others to feed
and provide services for you, a man kept by technology, kept by a social security check

... many people are not prepared for an extended period of no electricity

... we are as lost as him without technology, just listen to the bitchin
when the ice cream starts melting in the cooler

... there probably isn't enough horses and mules to grow enough
natural food for everyone

... let alone people who know what to do with simple foods, so you can stay alive
when milk and meat go sky high

... the fine art of growing grain and putting tasty baked goods on the
table also is becoming a lost art

... think about that, the next time you wish to blast technology for our problems

... I am glad I was born and raised with technology,
but we may have become over-dependent on it

... except for the pain, it does seems like heaven, don't it?

... TGIF :-)


2011 by zentara