water, water, everywhere, but

... not a drop to drink

... I heard on the radio, a discussion of the water
usage of the big electric power plants,

... they were talking about how much water gets used
per kilowatt-hour of electric generation, and how wasteful
this civilization is of water

... it's something like 2.5 gallons of water is used by cooling towers
for every kilowatt-hour one consumes

... a kilowatt hour is about what it takes to power your tv and
microwave every day

... so there is this metaphorical invisible fountain, out of which flows
your water.... the gods must watch this

... water may be the essence of life itself

... the way the hydrogen atoms uniquely satisfies the free oxygen,
to form the perfect fluid for the material world... water

... I call earth the water-planet. I love water. Just treadmilling
along, in a nice cool pool of fresh water, is the quinessential
human experience of earth

... I almost died once of no-water, out in the Arizona desert, North of Yuma,
where DeathValley like conditions prevail

... I was cross-country riding on my bike, and the 1 horse town, shown
on the map, to be a rest and refill point, was abandoned when I got there

... Oh sh*t... and I dumped my spare reserves of water earlier, to lighten
my load, counting on this non-existent town to have water

... it was hot, like 130 in the sun, I needed at least a gallon of water
per hour to pedal

... it was at least 15 miles to the next known town

... if I was alone out there, I may have been a goner, but my karma
must have been good, for I remember a lone cinder block
house, and although I had to beg, they handed me a free gallon
of water

... eh, I didn't die, but I sure knows what its like to go without
water in the scorching heat

... I still sometimes wonder, if all this is not just some dehydrated
rattlesnake bite induced delusion, and in my parallel universe, I'm
laying in a ditch with coyotes and buzzards sniffing me

... speaking of which, the invisible universes that is, I've had the
strangest sensations in the wind lately, feeling the invisible dark energy
of the quantuum world of all-possibilities, blow by in the wind

... it's as if our 5 senses make sense of it as wind, but in reality
it is the jet stream swirl left behind as creation moves forward thru
all the possibilities

... settling into the one allowed manifestation, what we call the present


2011 by zentara