the legend of billy 6

... I heard something on the radio this morning, which
is just hanging in my mind, so I better dump it out :-)

... how cool is this?, a blue-eyed blond young man,
whose parents, from the old East Germany, gave him
a good proletariat name ... Billy 6

... travelling thru the Muslim world, as a believing
Muslim, living off of the good will and friendship
of the locals, and discovering the meaning of life

... totally unafraid to be in the riotous atmosphere
of Libya

... a hidden prince character like that is seldom seen on the Stage

... maybe Brad Pitt would play the role, with 7 of 9
from Star Trek Borg fame, being his secret lover

... just another lonely Sunday morning, listening to the radio

... man, I wish I had me a good woman here to make donuts on Sunday mornings
... yuuuuummmmm, donuts....

... oh yeah, donuts with 7 of 9 :-)


2011 by zentara