uuuuummm, donuts

... what kind of donut are you?

... are donuts and people, like dogs and people?

... do people eat donuts resembling themselves?

... are you hard on the outside, with a soft center?

... or are hard on the inside with a soft outer coating?

... creamy or sweet?... maybe just one of the old standards,
like the apple cider donut, soft and brown with a nice hole

... or maybe a fast lane cream filled 6 inch eclair

... maybe we prefer gobbling down donuts that remind us of our opposite?

... a recent radio report says that even thinking about eating
some tasty goodness, is as satisfying as actually eating it

... it's a way to lose weight, by imagining your gratification,
instead of actually partaking in it

... which is good nowadays, because have you priced out what a
box of quality donuts cost?... yikes... and there are no women
staying at home baking them cheap anymore ;-(

... are you feeling satisfied yet?


2011 by zentara