what is life

... a show on NPR about exobiology was questioning
what actually are we to look for in outer space life?

... what actually is life?

... the scientific crowd is always trying to answer the question,
without relying on God, as if God did not exist
... but belief in the Great Conciousness sure does make life
easier to understand
... my personal belief is material life is simply the Conciousness
of the Cosmos trying to take physical form, to incarnate
... very simple isn't it? Conciousness seeks Form

... but I want to be non-God reliant here, for the sake of discussion,
so I will take a simple zen shot at the question

... basic life is anything that extends it's spatial actions
thru Time, so it sort of pulls itself forward thru time, as an entity

... so if we see an independent pattern thru time( as we see Time ),
then it is alive to us

... this is where the great idea put forth by Buckminster Fuller, of anti-entropy,
comes into play

... Fuller suggests from direct observation, that there is a corresponding force
which acts against thermodynamic entropy, anti-entropy, a force that wants
to increase order, increase information, bring order out of chaos

... he suggests this force is life ... bringing order, opposing entropy

... life is negative entropy

... you see this in all living things... bringing more order into the world

... of course, there are many levels of material life, culminating
in what we call intelligent life, which is indeed, conciousness incarnate,
the epitome of which on earth is humans, us

... that just leaves the non-material life forms to discuss

... life in the dimensions that are independent from our material laws,
the non-material worlds, worlds which have no physical interaction with spacetime

these worlds may appear stationary to us, because they are purpendicular to
our 4d spacetime

... humans have always referred to this as the spirit world

... the spirit world, the world of the ancestors, it is full of life

... the only way to communicate with that world is thru thought

... deep thought


2011 by zentara