an obvious suggestion

... in light of the recent Japanese nuclear disaster, I have
one suggestion for improving safety at all current and new
plants, especially newly designed plants

... make them robot-friendly

... I hate to see humans exposed to those radiation hazards
as they try to fix problems

... why not build and/or retofit all new reactor complexes
with some hardware that will make it easy for specially designed
radiation resistant robots to get in there, and do what needs to get done

... a simple solution would be heavy duty stainless steel round bars,
maybe strung from the ceilings, or designed as handrails

... that way robots could get in there, into any room or tunnel,
by just connecting to the handrails

... they could do whatever, ... spray water, spread boron blankets, etc.

... if they can operate robots at great depth, as in the BP Gulf-blowout,
surely they can design reactors to be robot-friendly

... lets build robot friendly nuclear facilities


2011 by zentara