... what is this stuff called enlightenment?

... what does it mean to get enlightened?

... I don't think a precise definition can be made, except
to say it is becoming fully aware of how the Tao flows, why it flows,
and acting accordingly for 100% of your concious time

... it's the 100% of the time part, that gets us, because we
tend to drift off into our own little dream world fantasies,
ignoring the actual flow of the Tao around us

... to the uninitiated, it may all seem like so much mumbo jumbo

... but to those who have glimpsed thru multidimensional space,
and have seen the karma come and go, it is like a magical awakening
in your mind

... an awakening that just makes you grateful to be part of it, moment
to moment, so as to be able to partake in it all

... everyone's initiation is unique, and is up to the individual for the
most part, it's all how you see it in your own mind

... but the common thread is you must face mortality, face the fact
that one day, all this sweet air, fresh water, and wonderful scenery
will be gone, your soul will not be incarnate on earth

... and you will start feeling grateful, grateful to Whoever or Whatever
this great creation is, for the chance to be on the third planet from the sun,
for these few short years


2011 by zentara