... strength, speed, and agility are all valued
by youth, as the key to success

... but above all, you need endurance

... the ability to endure, what is it?

... simply put, enduring is coming back to play another day

... it can be as fun as a surfer holding his breath, as his
joy riding wave crashes and sucks him under in an undertow

... or it can be as heartbreaking as refugee mothers and their
starving babies, who sit, staring off aimlessly into space,
wondering where God is, and how and why things went wrong for them

... or it can be as engrossing as a great sports star playing thru pain and injury

... or last, but not least, it can be war heroism

... endure, endure one more day, endure

... Alan Watts tells a great story of an ancient king, who during
the best of times, commissioned a ring from the best jeweler in the land

... the artistic requirements being the ring shall restrain him
in times of prosperity, and sustain him thru times of adversity

... it was a simple band inscribed with: It will pass

... adversity seems to strengthen people, like the wind blowing hard,
strengthens the trees

... so when Mercury goes into retrograde, and the waves come crashing
in, on all your plans and dreams, remember, if it's a good plan, it will
emerge strengthened

... if it was a bad dream to begin with,
the tumultuous wave crash will wash it away

... and you, endure to face another day, and take that next breath


2011 by zentara