spring has sprung

... you know it's it's spring when you got to get the weedwhacker out

... these f*ckin new automatic string feed heads they put on
weedwhackers nowadays out to be outlawed... what a waste... everytime
you hit a twig or stone, the string comes whipping out, to a length
rendering it useless for whacking

... then you have to stop, pop the head, rewind the string, and start
again, over and over, with me muttering nasty incantations to the so-called
engineer who invented this wasteful piece of sh*t

... even the troublesome older Bump-head models worked better

... well, whacking yesterday, it just blew apart on me

... I don't know if I just didn't reassemble it correctly, for the
gazillionth time, after rewinding the precious string, but I was whacking full speed
and the whole head just blew apart into 3 pieces

... I guess they just tell people to let the automatic string cutter
on the guard shield trim it to length, but that would still waste
half your string, because everytime you hit a twig, you lose 6 to 9 inches of

... I guess they make their money on selling replacement string ;-)

... anyways, I had to remove the string guard/trimmer to make the
whole unit lightweight enough that I can whack one handed, rambo style,
one hand on a cane, one arm swinging the whacker in big circular arcs.

... I have modified it to be manual string insertion, I just tie little
pieces of string into a knot, and stuff the free ends in the hole
... quite obviously the way to go

... it works quite well, but the head seems to vibrate a bit more than
normal, without all of its internal parts in place

... does this void my warranty?


2011 by zentara