the new behavior modification

... this is way better than coupons :-)

... I heard a radio story this morning on the new technique
of using gaming techniques to get people to modify their behavior

... it was concerning the method being tested in Sweden to slow
down drivers, and prevent red light running, with cameras

... of course, no one wanted the invasive cameras at first, since
it only represented the heavy hand of society, slapping offenders
with fines for running lights, by sending you a snapshot of you doing it
in the mail

... but with a bit of gaming, the mean, big-brotherish cameras were
turned into a welcome site for most drivers

... they did this, by rewarding good drivers with a yearly lottery,
that was funded by the fines collected from the camera-caught offenders

... how about extending this gaming into all areas of life?

... maybe what? ....

... how about yearly reductions in car insurance, for all who
were not caught that year?

... how about getting paid to lose weight?... like your medical
insurance premium is tied to weight.... lose 10 lbs, get 100 bucks
a year off, gain 10, add 100 bucks per year

... even better, get laid for losing weight, no sex for gaining weight :-)

... you say you never go to the doctor? ... how about everyone
who dosn't go to the doctor, emergency room, or clinic in a year,
get entered in a "I stayed healthy and safe" lottery, funded by
the people who did suck a bunch of medical money

... get rewarded for having no tooth cavities, or at least for not
going to the dentist

... this could be the feedback system needed to set the triage levels
in the state allocations of medical benefits to people seeking help

... any more than 15 cans per month of sugary soda pop, will automatically
cause your medical insurance to go up by 50 cents
... any less than 5 cans, gets a rebate on health insurance

... health rebates for eating chicken instead of beef, more for fish
... all calculated for you automatically, by big brother, from your
computerized store receipts

... the adjustable monthly insurance premiums, based on your
current behavior, would encourage everyone to a better life, by
gaming... eat well, stay home and rest, your premium goes down
... eat fast foods, stay out all night running up bar bills, up goes the premium
... drive fast?... up goes the premium... drive slow, and it goes down
... all calculated by the built-in car computer

... how about get rewarded for voting, maybe triple your personal
tax deuction for showing up to vote each year?

... better yet, how about a negative income tax? That way,
the behavior modification specialists, can directly reward
people for doing what they want

... donate your body parts to the transplant market, and get
a 1 time 10,000 bonus on your income tax

... have 0 kids, get back 1000 a year, have kids, start paying
... the school system problem would solve itself :-)

... the surface has just been scratched


2011 by zentara