7 dimensional spheres

... I recently heard a very mind-expanding discussion on NPR,
of a certain math professor's work of proving the existence and
behaviors of 7 dimensional spheres

... I think about this all the time too, in a zen way, and
here are my thoughts

... first, without my actually reading his work, it was
asserted that for some reason, a perfect multidimensional
sphere can only occur if there are 7 dimensions, and there needs to
be 28 combinations of something, or some other number specific magic

... may be true, but in my internal zen view of multi-dimensional space, I see
no limitations on the number of dimensions required to form a perfect sphere

... I see the dimensions more as independent sets of vector spaces,
and as such, any one vector space can define a perfect sphere just
by the set of all points, in that space, equidistant from some defined center

... but whether the REAL material world conforms to our mathematical
notions built on euclidean geometry is the real question

... I flipped through a book like "Kaballa for Dummies", and do remember
it emphasizing the importance of 7, for some ritualistic reason

... maybe Einstein WAS WRONG, maybe God does throw dice :-)

... personally, I believe in multidimensional space, but whether some
limit is put onto us by the very fundamental rules of the laws of form
in this existence, like sets of 7, sounds too restrictive

... it may be just a law of the material world, like 7 of the string
dimensions are required, before any space-time can exist

... we may be like little bubbles of Time, little perfect 7 dimensional
spheres, worn by our Gods, like pearls

... by the way, a very obtuse answer was given as to how to perceive
a 4 dimensional sphere, and it even threw off the interview

... but a 4 dimensional sphere, is obvious to a zen mind, it is like
us, the earth, making a giant modulated corkscrew as we circle the sun, and as
sun rotates around the Milky Way's center, and as the Milky Way moves
thru it's supergalaxy, and up and up quite a ways, etc etc

... a german mathematician made a name for the shape, IIRC, kreisselwell ?

... translated to english would be "spinning wave", not just a wave, but
a wave that spins, like corkscrew that can speed up or slow down

... but now we come to a similar duality seen in microscopic particle physics,
called the wave-particle duality

... but from a spatial perspective, it is the space-time duality

... is it distance? or is it time? ... it all depends on how you look at it

... I think the gods, the creatures next level up in existence, see things clearly,

... but we humans, are stuck in linear Time, it is in the fine print of your birth contract,

... linear Time is needed for Free Will to work, and most of us like our Free Will


2011 by zentara