a personal note to Mohamar

... first of all, I represent no one, but myself,
but I have seen a few dictators come and go

... dear Mohamar,
in light of recent events in North Africa,
and your precarious position and unknown future, lets consider
the best way out for all concerned

... what would Allah want from a mature, wise, leader?

... take your gold, all assets you have stolen up till now,
and as much of your family that you can afford, and go to
Italy, the South of France, or even S. America, and live out a peaceful
life of prayer to the Great One, thanking Him for the priviledge
of being made ruler of Libya for so long

... why take a bloody exit, when a peaceful one is available to
to you and your children?

... you won't be hounded by the West as long as you stay honest,
spend your money, and you might even get a PrimeTime Oprah special

... just agree to back out, making as few waves as possible, and
you will have many fine years of casino gambling and tent parties
ahead of you, otherwise, that has all gone away forever

... we all know you will go down in history as just a well-armed puppet
of former international oil companies, and you may have had the
best of revolutionary intentions, back 50 years ago.
... I did like much of what your Green Book said, being a free man myself

... but times have changed, the population is burgeoning, action is required now

... the jig is up, you were not the best of kings, and all you can
do now, is shed as little blood as possible, and help make a peaceful
free democratic Libya

... for that, you and your sons will be able to live La Dolce Vita

... causing needless death now, to satisfy your own bravado, will greatly
antagonize the gods, and will not win you glory in heaven, especially
when such a clean happy exit is possible NOW.

yours truly, zentara,


2011 by zentara