Time, once again

... I heard a promo for an NPR show tonight, that
will discuss Time

... wow, I thought, my exact area of meditation, I'll
be thinking about it all day

... but then I thought, from my years of experience as
a time-clock punching mortal on earth, what do I see
Time as?
... afterall, the Great Creator judges us by how we playout
our self-written roles, on this stage called earth
... and how one sees Time, is crucial in forming our
little self-written roles

... anyways, back to Time in the scientific sense

... the first mysterious lesson is that there is no such thing
as space itself, it is space-time

... to understand this concept, lets do a little thought experiment
to demonstrate Einstein's assertion that there is no simultanaeity
in space-time... by which he meant that you cannot be sure that 2
separate events occurred at exactly the same time

... so how does the thought experiment go?

... assume 2 people across the room from one another, want to make an event
happen at the exact time, like blinking a light

... we can only know what has occurred across the room, by receiving the
information travelling at the speed of light across the room

... the fraction of a second it took the light of the blink from across
the room to reach you, is your separation in space-time

... now you may reject this, saying that it is so fast as to be meaningless,
but the cosmos does work at that speed down at the fundamental levels

... so, now you might say, "well, I know the speed of light through air, so I could
calculate the difference between when they actually blinked across the room,
and the time I receive the light on the other side... then if we blinked
many times, occasionaly, we could say 2 blinks ocurred at the same time
to some level of measurement accuracy"

... but what about the more general case, where you don't know the exact
distance away the other event is occuring? ... how can you measure the time difference
if you don't know the distance?... so there clearly is an unknown in incoming information,
especially from the depths of outer space, in that we don't really KNOW when the event occured
since we don't know the exact path the light took to reach us ... it could have been bent
by gravity or gone thru many different gas fields

... so, clearly they are separate events in space-time, the event and the receiving
of the light information event, are separate events, they then, by defintion, are
non-simultaneous in space-time

... Heisenburg gave us the Uncertainty principle for positions in space
... the principle of non-simultanaeity does the same for uncertainty in time

... in comes down to this, the only way to be certain an event is simultaneous with
your event, is for the events to be the same event, in other words the space-time
coordinate difference must be zero

... in our human conciousness, we like to model space-time so that we expand the space
out to a few hundred feet, and assume that it all shares the same time flow

... it is our concept of the "here and now", as opposed to "the then and the when"

... now the real interesting question comes up, is there something, a tachyon,
or some phase shift in some string subspace, that can go faster than the speed of light,
allowing us to transmit information faster than light speed?

... it would allow one to signal back in time

... and where does it leave us in terms of a structure of the earth, the solar system and
the galaxies?

... the best I can come up with, is we are spinning waves, looking much like an extended
out slinky toys

... the galaxies spiral, the solar system spirals, the earth spirals around the sun,
and each of us, are making little loop-de-loop spirals as the whole of existence flows forward

... but, this is territory where the angels live, and they tell me, just to think good thoughts

... afterall, we are not meant to understand the Time Wave, we are meant to surf it.


2011 by zentara