Lawrence of Arabia 2.0

... out of all the news lately, good and the bad,
the one thing that really made me feel good, was
the international community stepping in at the last hour
to save the Libyan rebels

... after the jubilation of a people's peaceful revolution
in Tunisia and Egypt, it was a grim reminder of real world
politics, when Col Khadafi's army started their cleanup against
the rebels

... the West was frozen, not wanting to declare war on
Kadafi, by entering and controlling his air space
... I mean don't interfere in other country's internal politics, right?

... but man, how bad I felt, when I would hear the cries
of rebel fighters, saying "where is the help God promised?"
... all we want is freedom and democratic rule

... man those rebels were taken to the darkest hour of despair,
like Sparticus, betrayed by God Hisself, he and his slaves
had no where to go

... but, thanks to those modern Lawrences of Arabia, from
England and France, they have been thrown a rope

... man, what a test of man's faith in his Creator

... and what a highlight of an emerging world civilization

... cut to the chase, I see a split Libya. Mohamar and
his friends in one area, and the rebel tribes in the other

... details to be worked out later, by people who do it better than me :-)

... thank you, God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Full Moon goddess, or whoever
floats your boat


2011 by zentara