why NPR is important

... I've been hearing much talk lately about federal funding
of NPR

... to get right to the point, it is an obligation of the
federal government to provide a free information, education and emergency
station for the public

... and no farming the work out to private corporations

... by the recent economic crisis, one can see that private corporations
just turn tail and run when the sh*t hits the fan

... so, we need a network of government-funded stations, who will BE THERE
when that giant catastrophe hits, not a bunch of stations run by lawyers
who will grab their gold and hide, when the crisis hits

... some station who will broadcast where to get water, food, schedules,
help, etc.

... so our national defense and preparedness, requires a government funded
network... at least minimally funded and playing elevator music in uneventful
times... that sure dosn't cost much

... so it boils down to what content the public broadcasters display
during the non-emergency times

... I'm sure Mr. Gringrich would love Public Broadcasting, if showed more
of his type of content, whatever that may be

... I hate commercials. I feel it is an insult to watch TV anymore, and
the radio commercials are even worse

... commercial tv and radio is also filled with programming which
definitely is intended for psychological manipulation, whatever their purposes are

... in my book, NPR's radio programming is very conducive to calmness, rational thought,
and insightful news

... I have it on all day, and probably should contribute, but I'm about as poor
as you get

... thanks to all at NPR, for keeping me from going stir crazy listening
to commercial Western/Country/Punk/Oldies stations for my intellectual stimulation

... it shows lack of good management judgement, to weaken the Emergency Broadcast System

... radio is more important than tv, as an emergency information source
... radio is cheaper to run and produce content for, than tv

... so I hate to whack Public television, but in emergencies, people have
portable radios, you don't see many portable tv's, and if you had one, they
probably run their batteries down fast.... radio batteries last longer

... so in my estimation, priority funding should go to radio, with national coverage
and any monies left over can be used for tv

... radio leaves more to the imagination than tv, it is the preferred medium for me


2011 by zentara