nuclear power revisited

... first Chernobyl, and now Japan

... I could have understood the Russian disaster, just due
to the poor quality reactor design, used by them in a rush
to keep up in the Cold War

... but the Japanese?... I have always had the highest regard
for the Japanese technological mind... we should have schools
like the Japanese... kids go 7 days a week and they learn
... the average Japan highschool graduate is probably smarter
than the average US college graduate

... but back to nuclear power, and how this disaster occurred

... I can't understand why in an area, on the Rim of Fire,
where recorded 9.0's occur every few hundred years, they would
allow a design limited to a 7.9 quake? Don't make sense.

... also why wasn't tsunami protection built-in to the backup generators?

... but I'm not writing to pass or lame blame, but to the future
of nuclear power

... first of all, I'm a low power consumer, and could easily do with
a small windmill and solar panel, but then again, I run around barefoot,
am childless, and don't give much a hoot for the city lights
... most of the world is different

... I was raised in the peak of technological civilization in
Detroit, with all the factories, excellent schools, and all the
cars and planes, so I know what advanced civilization means in
comparison to living an ox-farmer's life in a mud-mound

... there is, in an advanced civilization's general mass conciousness,
a need to bring forth the truth and show compassion toward the planet

... which we are doing, because if we didn't care, the story of
this disaster wouldn't bother us much

... but it does bother us, because on a planet of 9 billion people,
the population at which we are projected to level off at in a few more years,
with most of it's resources stripped, we will need power

... power, mostly to desalinate sea-water so people have drinking water

... the problem with relying on wind and solar, is that the most likely
disaster, that could hit our overcrowded space craft, will be a
prolonged wintery darkness, brought on by volcano or meteor hit

... wind may still work, but solar depends on clear cosmic weather ahead

... I for one, if sitting there huddled with my family by the 400 watt
electric heater, shivering thru a few dark years, would be glad our forefathers
built the nukes to power it

... also, the amount of power it takes to smelt metal, desalinate and purify water,
power electric trains, etc., is not going to be there, with just wind and solar,
we need nukes unless we want to burn alot of natural gas, with the resultant problems
of CO2 global warming and water table damage from fractured shale drilling

... the problem it seems, is that there is capitalist motives in these

... people want to make money off of them, and that causes cheating and
deception in the specs and designs

... I mean, we are betting our economic futures on being smart
enough to provide ourselves with energy, energy enough
to maintain the current lifestyle that everone wants...

... we all want personal transport vehicles, and we will need
plenty of power to keep everyone on mechanical horses, otherwise
it will be back to walking and biking for most of the world

... there are other technologies waiting to be the answer, like
CO2 sequestration underground, and advanced coal burning technologies,
like the russian magnetohydrodynamic super-high efficiency burning process

... but like I said, people want to make money off of this power
business, and therein lies the rub

... it would be nice, if it was run by the military as a public service
for the general well being of the public

... now, those military reactors are gold-plated, and they have an
immaculate record

... so it's really a question of how the nuclear technology is implemented
and managed

... I'm an old man on my way off the planet, but, if I was to be reborn
again on earth, I would probably want the world with electric trains,
hydrogen powered jets, fuel cells, and A/C and heat,
rather than the dimly lit unheated cabin I'm in

... but then again, I was brainwashed early by the school system, to
believe in technology, and the power of Brahma, so I like my gadgets

... ask most kids ... they would rather go play in a water park somewhere
than meditate in the quite of the woods ... them waterparks, they need energy

... we need nukes now, pandora's box has been opened, and we, just have
to deal with it better

... the design of that Japanese reactor was old, and it should have been
retired already, but times are lean in Japan, and they thought they could
stretch that reactor's life a bit, to keep the Tokyo trains running

... what you going to do? ... there's a lesson in this for us


2011 by zentara