conciousness revisited

... I heard an interesting story on NPR, about conciousness,
and how the DNA scientist Francis Crick, attempted to
explain it thru neurobiology

... he even was working on it, the last day of his life, according
to reports

... it makes me wonder now, as I have matured a bit, being nearly 60
years old, what exactly is conciousness? Now that I've have a few years
of event-sequence analysis behind me, and have some experience of how the
river flows

... I too, from a pure zen meditation, see conciousness and DNA related

... to me, existence is conciousness trying to seek form in the material world

... the DNA then constructs a certain sense organ, sort of across the bridge
of your nose, and beneath the eyes

... this sense organ is like an overseer to the wildly chaotic sensory inputs

... it gives us a sense of Time, which we need to function in spacetime

... what is our sense of Time?

... I heard a news report about a lady who only saw snapshots of Time, and
would pour tea all over herself, because she couldn't see the flow

... I don't know what Time is, all I know is that I feel it flowing thru
me like an invisible wind

... a sense of Time allows us to distinquish events, thus making sense,
or personal little stories, in our memories, wherever they exist

... I guess this sense of Time is what developes into our 6th sense

... we learn that the psychic waves come, we don't know how or where
the waves emerge, but we are along for the ride

... sometimes the waves are gentle rollers, and sometimes 60 foot monsters

... how we surf that wave, is our free will

... and it behooves all surfers to stick to the areas where only gentle rollers come in

... that's called building a peaceful life

... it's karma though... men want the thrill of riding that big wave, whilst women
usually want to stay safe, in case the men get killed riding that big wave
... someone has to take care of the kids :-)

... so am I concious yet?

... the aborigines claim the dream world, where all the ancestors exist, is the true
reality, and during non-sleep times, we are in the temporary battlefield called
earth... where we, the DNA incarnated, temporarily carry The Weight called bodies.

... permanently stuck to the earth web of life, by gravity, an advanced glue which
holds us down here, in the heavily oxengenated dense surface air

... and thats good, because we still need air to breathe

... you know, every good answer stimulates a thousand new questions, and so does
the concept of emerging conciousness
... where is the DNA trying to take us? How are we evolving psychically?
... I find myself trying to evolve into an existence which does not require air
... it sounds scary, but going into a pure energy existence is really our only way out

... the subconcious may be more important to the real world, than our concious layer


2011 by zentara