twinkle twinkle little star

... how i wonder what U are

... I was listening this fine Sunday morning, on NPR, to a couple
of Jesuit brothers, one of whom went thru the same school
system I did, the 60's, in an all boy's catholic highschool,
in Detroit at it's peak glory and wealth

... they essentially talked about studying space, by extending
our 3d euclidean reference frame, out to infinity, then make
equations to describe the behavior of what we see

... my approach has been a zen one, rather than the studious route
thru Havard or MIT

... I did get to the point in my studies, where I encountered great
matrices of dynamic fluctuating vector spaces, and that is where
I flipped out, and realized the world is actually magic, provided to
us by the Great Conciousness, and one's attempt dissect and analyze it,
only hindered one's ability to surf the Time wave

... essentially, I am suggesting a Galileo type of leap in paradigm
... trying to give a mathematical framework of infinite vector spaces to
what has been previously just non-intellectually experienced as the Tao,
the Great River of Energy

... think in terms of the flow of Time, instead of 3d spatial position
... we are in a nano-second to nano-second flow of a wavelet of information,
in a multi-dimensional universe... we are riding a Time Wave, and the
whole collection of us, is called the web of life on earth

... no longer are we on a rock, floating around in the space ocean,
sun the center, etc

... but we are all in independent little bubbles of time, little moments,
moments strung together and stored as little stories in minds, each of us,
writing our own story, thus giving us the all important free will

... I think the "God" we all seek, is the Conciousness which controls the
cosmos right down to the string level, that Conciousness can do what we call Magic

... of course Magic is anything our technology cannot understand, but this Magic
may stay obscurred from us forever, because they involve adjacent energy spaces
which are not defined in our material world... they are mass-free... other dimensions

... what modern theorists call strings, the little packets of energy and information,
may be the Great Conciousness itself

... the strings themselves are like an 11 dimensional Lego toy, where in order
for our visible 3d lego blocks to appear, they must properly align in the non-detectable
spaces, in order for them to have cohesion and form in our 3d time bubble

... it is the Great Conciousness Itself, which keeps the other dimensions in alignment
... what the Great Conciousness "thinks", is what occurs.

... this is all from my zen observations of my existence, and it is the only
way I can explain reality to my satisfaction
... to thine own self be true, even if others think you are crazy, it's my soul

... so how does this affect my view of myself in the cosmos?

... I desire to be merged to the Great Conciousness... it is the only source of truth
and light, which I know of in my own limited human conciousness ... if I only get one
shot at cosmic awareness in a million years, as my present incarnation on this merry-go-round
has given me, then I want to go for the Brass Ring

... I want to merge with the Great Conciousness
... I want to become the Tao, married to Krishna, I desire reunification
of the yin and yang to non-duality, there are many words to express it

... I want to go to the pure energy planet of Krishnaloka, and be with my eternal love,
and be the mate of the happy manifestation of the Great Conciousness

... I've been listening to alot of Alan Watts lately, and his essential message is that
space is an artificial distiction we make in our minds, and that the universe you see,
is just your reflection in it, and it is Alive

... once you see the cosmos as a living entity, and you make peace with it, the only
thing to do is let it take you

... have faith in IT, that leap of faith is the key


2011 by zentara