the big metaphysical question, what IS reality?

... I was listening to a discussion of modern physics and
philosophy today on Science Friday

... I must say, I still do pursue the "Great Equation" of the
universe... that mythical holy grail of mathematicians and physicists,
which accurately models and explains reality

... but, as Alan Watts says, this is vain knowledge, a dark knowledge,
a knowledge obtained without a sense of God, a knowledge obtained on our
own, done with our own hands, and numbering systems passed onto us by
the giant minds who preceeded us

... such vain knowledge is incredibly useful in making refrigerators,
and things for the modern world, but when we try to anthropomorphise
our euclidean geometry and sense of linear time onto the cosmos, we
are just projecting our own sense of self onto the cosmos

... we see a reflection of our own inner mind, when we try to mathematically
model the cosmos, to explain how our Time flows and what we call the
experience of free will

... we don't need all these fancy theories to account for the energy needed
to account for all the possible free will outcomes of the flow of the Tao
... one only has to look in one's own mind, it's built right into us, like a built-in manual

... we can't possibly be so arrogant to believe that the
Great Conciousness's manifestation of itself in the material world
needs our equations to flow, but IT flows none-the-less

... if one is truly a seeker of the true nature of reality, and asks for
it from the Highest Conciousness, one is given a glimpse

... one suddenly realizes that every thought and wish manifests itself
into reality, need some wind, wish, and the next day... woooosh

... so once you see how this works, and can control your free will,
life becomes a magic skill, like cosmic surfing thru space-time,
and we don't need the Great Equation anymore, we just let thoughts

... Alan Watts calls it taking that leap of faith, and once you take
that leap, the powers of you, the self, exercising your free will, comes into
total harmony with the non-self, the cosmos

... everybody has this knowledge in their own deep minds, just summon it

... so there are 2 paths to understanding the cosmos

... the one is a mathematical space construct of strings, membranes, and
multiple universes, all there to account for our free will and
multiple possible outcomes of reality. We can derive these equations from the
fundamental abstract mathematics of existence and non-existence, 1, and 0.
... one needs no concept of God to attain this knowledge

... the other, is more of zen approach, which the ancient religions teach
... forget the expansive 3d euclidean rock world of the outer space universe,
and instead focus on how one transitions thru Time, and how your free will
thoughts and actions take you into new realities
... one assumes an a priori Conciousness, a God, a mother, father, or guiding spirit
to us... we are not the first to emerge

... I once wrote a defense of the "flat world" view of reality, saying
that only astronauts actually can see the globe of earth, and for that matter,
they only see a flat disk projection. So, from a human psychology point of view,
we are in these little flat worlds, which transition through Time together,
glued together by the context our free will assigns to it in our sense of self.

... anyways, thinking too much about it, ruins it's flow, so sometimes
you just have to let go, and just surf the Time Wave

... finally I will testify that the zen approach will take you toward happiness,
where as the mathematical approach will take you into more and more work as we
seek more, and ever more knowledge about how it all works... it never ends
... so one's mind becomes cluttered with human concepts, rather than watching the
flow of the Tao around you


2011 by zentara