is that a tear in your eye,
or are you just glad to see me?

... I've been a loner all my life, pretty much content
to just sit around like a lump on a log, watching the
world go by

... but just once or twice, I was given the opportunity
to see what it is like to have a "mate"

... you know, someone to hug, grab, feel, kiss, get loads
of pheronomes from, etcetera etcetera all the way into the secrets
of the night and onto and under the kitchen table

... someone you would rather be with, than without

... I have to admit it makes you feel good, love is good

... all my life I thought I was so tough I did not need anybody's
love, but, after tasting it's effect on my mood and spirit, I want it

... I want love, but at what price to my current pristine mental condition?

... should I risk sleepless nights and my own internal happiness, all for
a chance to get on the pheronome merry-go-round?

... living a life without a compatible partner, drains one's happiness,
it gets boring .... sex is as cheap a thrill ride as you can get

... honey, where are you?

... my spiritual training reminds me not to try and find happiness
in another... that true happiness is only found within one's self

... but then again, this is a Ying/Yang world of species separated
into male/female variants, all for the purpose of making them attract
one another physically

... I admit, I confess, I desire


2011 by zentara