the big question

... there is so much going on now, in my life and the world,
that I can hardly decide on which subject to spew my blatherings on

... but I heard an NPR show last night on where our sense
of self resides, and if you are a seeker of truth, that is the
BIG question in life, because it defines our relationship
with the outside world

... it's a simple boundary layer distinction ... you inside, the cosmos outside

... to cut to the chase, the action happens in the brain's synaptic firings,
and somehow, we make up stories in our head to give context to what
we see in the world outside of our bodies
... these self written stories in our heads, is our sense of self

... its all very complex, so I won't re-explain details of what the radio
show itself said

... but, this is where I want to add a very unusual, interpretation, which I
personally believe

... these synaptic firings, they are a mystery ... how do they actually
integrate with one another to give the sense of self?
They keep a random firing of electrical impulses into space-time, as
our material bodies fly along our paths defined by orbital speed mechanics

... could the synaptic pulse waveforms, be encoded somehow, carrying
volumes of information, as if it were somehow modulated by our senses
and imagination

... these encoded synaptic firings span Time itself, because they require
a minute amount of time to occur... so they span Time, microsecond by microsecond,
encoded in some advanced conciousness's algorithm, we lay down a record
of all thoughts

... these thoughts can only be read by the person creating them,
and by more advanced creatures sometimes refered to as angels
... so people generally can assume they have private thoughts, and
even though others may hear your thoughts, they will just assume
it's their own imagination... or get confused as to where the thought
comes from

... so microsecond by microsecond, we span Time, moving forward, making
up stories to give context to it all
... as long as that next microsecond comes, we call ourselves alive

... I think some psychics have the angel ability to see the akashic record
of others, but in general, the gods keep us blind to what others truly
think and feel

... some say the heart is where this all occurs, and it may be true, but
the time-transcending tachyonic activity, that certainly seems to be brain

... well, I don't know if any of this makes any sense to you, but to me,
it is the BIG QUESTION

... why is it the big question?, because it is the only way I can possibly
see my memory working
... I can remember intricate details of things way in the past, but this amount
of information certainly is not being stored in the brain, otherwise they could
transfer memories from one person to another by transferring the chemical compounds
holding the memory

... no the amount of data is too big... it has to be stored in some hidden dimensions
of the cosmos, where the gods and God exist

... the brain then, is just a Time-transcending transceiver

... and who do we talk to with this transceiver?

... ourselves in the past and present

... and the great pool of conciousness which we call the dream world

... and your God, however you may call it

.... Hare Krishna!.. may I be in Krishnaloka one day :-)


2011 by zentara