don't worry, everything is normal

... it almost reminds me of a Mad Magazine article

... a dictator rants on tv to the rioting public proclaiming his martyrdom

... 2 of his best jet pilots, ordered to bomb some free Libyans, instead split
with their planes to Europe, and asked for assylum, even his old friends
are saying "Mohamar who?"

... his people blow up a Mosque with anti-aircraft fire,

... he sets african mercenaries shooting at anyone on the main streets,

... then the 40 year old dictator's son, comes on TV to announce
that: everything is normal

... bwahahahaha, knock on wood for laughing at such a difficult situation,
but, you know, I'm just saying ;-)

... it reminds me of the old WW2 acronym SNAFU, Situation Normal All F*cked Up

... it was the sibling of FUBAR

... it is the birth pains of the Arab middle class

... man, it must feel like winning the World Series over there, for the
poor, repressed for so long

... of course, you can see this as the failure of certain kings, who failed to take care of the people

... after living in a democracy for awhile, I have to admit I
think having a good king or queen is a better system overall,

... it's just that a good king is hard to find

... the reason why a good king or queen is hard to find, is a deep study in
human psychology

... why does power corrupt?


2011 by zentara